mercredi 7 janvier 2015

Return in the United Kingdom and more particularly in London

It has been a long time I did not write anything on my blog but today, here I am !

I have any justification to say why I was not there. Perhaps, my new life was tiring and my journeys were not interesting to tell them ?

Maybe, I was exhausted to write something about my life which were a bit depressing because my grandpa died a few days before Christmas and although it was difficult, I tried to forget, to put aside my pain in order to spend these four days as best possible...

So today, I don't know why but I wanted to write something... Even if my narratives are pointless, without interest,  I wanted to pay tribute to all the writers, the artists who share their rant...
Do you think this day, in France, was normal ? (murder at Charlie Hebdo)
Murdering people because they make their job is unacceptable.
Murdering people because they an opinion disguts me.
Murdering defenceless people is a synonyme for cowardice.
You took their life without knowing them, whithout knowing they are doing, without understanding the perfect sense of the word : LIFE.
You're so selfish.

And with my travel story, I wanted to remind to all these people today were not human but inhuman... 
Animals. That's it what you are. Animals...
They lost their bravery, their respect for LIFE and that's why, it is necessary to take advantage of every moment because life is too short...

We have to continue to live we have to continue to breathe as long as we can... So peace and love for everyone...

Anyway, I'm starting my travel story. One more time, even if, I spent four days with my family (and it was almost a disaster if I consider the behavior of my parents), I really liked to be home again (yes, England is, in my heart, my home...).
I really miss England and I don't know why... France is so... I don't know how to explain my feelings about my native country... But you know, it is like a feeling you're not able to go over because you're so much involved in this thought which you can't cross besides.

Anyway, I hope 2015 is my year because I'd like to make something special...

So return to my trip in London :

We left our region in the 26th of December with parent's car, northwards, to park our vehicle in Brussels. Yeah, we took megabus in Brussels but before that, we visited the Capital of Brussels. It was amazing and in particular the "Grand Place" like they said.
Inside the city, there was a Christmas market in honor of Quebec. You can't imagine my pleasure when I saw it ! I was like a child, bouncing in the street, looking everywhere to soak it all up like a sponge. 

After this quick visit, we took megabus and after a very loooooong time and when my back began to make me hurt, we crossed the customs without incident and I was even able to tell a joke to a French customs officer who laughed well for a moment. Yeah... I'm so funny, I know !

My parents never visited England. That's why, they were, at the moment, a bit amazed when our bus driver drove to the left but after a while, it didn't more disturb them.

So : arrival in Victoria Coach Station in the night, we were late. I was looking for the tub to go to our hotel located in Barking and because we were in the 26th of December (it was a day off the day before), Tesco was closed when we reached our destination...
So my daddy was annoyed because he were hungry, my mom was irritated because my dad were hungry and my sister... well... She said nothing, so thank you to her because I said to my parents, shops will be closed... Anyway welcome in England ! 

27th of December : first day to visit the city 

King's Cross / Saint Pancrass international
With my lovely sister, we waited one hour and a quarter to take our photo... We're fan and completely crazy... My parents were completely mad !
My sister and I in King's Cross

Hyde Park, Christmas market, squirrel, museum of sciences, Royal Albert Hall, english pub
Christmas market was AMAZING and really BEAUTIFUL. I never saw something like that ! When I lived in England, I was in Lincolnshire for the Christmas market and my feelings were not like that.

And what about squirrels ? As you can imagine, I was waiting for this moment to see them again and I was so glad when I was able to see them in Hyde Park.
Look the next picture ! They are so lovely... <3 p="">

Squirrel in Hyde Park
28th of December
Buckingham Palace, Commonwealth, Big Ben & the Parliament, National Gallery, Bank of London, the Sharp, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Fish & chips (yeeeeah)

Yeah, we spent a lof of time to see all these touristics attractions but it is like when I'm going to Paris. I can't resist to see the Eiffel Tower, Pigalle, the Moulin Rouge and so on.
Nearly Buckingham Palace

Take care and enjoy your life everyone !

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